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We provide the expertise and the world wide knowledge and models, all coupled with the uniqueness of your organization, to tailor Accounting and Administration Systems.  Applying such systems to your organizations grants a more reliable decision making process making all required data and information available at the tips of your fingers for profitable and best fit results. On the other hand, it grants accurate performance evaluation, fair policies, leading to employees’ satisfaction and consequently better overall organization’s performance and results.

1.Design different types of Accounting Systems: Financial and Costing

  • Manual
  • Computerized

2.Design Administration Systems

  • Organizational Structure
  • Job Descriptions
  • Salary Scale according to the latest market categories
  • Individuals Allocation
  • Consultancy activities in Social Insurance and Labor Law issues

3.Provide required training sessions to support systems’ deployment


4.Provide post-implementation support till:

  • Issuing the first financial statement (for accounting systems only)
  • 6 months after implementation (for management systems only)
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  • Conduct Training Needs Assessment/Analysis

  • Design and Develop Tailored/Customized Courses

  • Design and Develop Public Training Courses

  • Courses Delivery is in-house or at our premises (El Obour Buildings)

  • Grant trainees a Certificate of Attendance by the end of the course

  • Training courses are available in both Arabic and English languages

Available Topics:

  • Hotel accounting System according to the American Model
  • Costing Systems
  • Financial Accountancy
  • Computerized Book Keeping


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Create and implement the barcode system.

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