Establishing Companies

1- Establishing companies with the all types and legal forms :-

  • Egyptian Joint Stock Company.
  • Limited Liability Company.
  • Limited by Shares Company.
  • Foreign Branch.
This is by performing all the establishing works and procedures as well as extracting the commercial register, the tax card and the article of association.

2-Performing the merging works for all the Corporate companies whether the merging was according to the books value or the market value – reevaluating the Joint Stock companies through the financial control authority (Investment Authority & Capital Market Authority) and this to access getting the authority evaluation then the merging contract then notation in the commercial register.

3- Companies Division Reperforming:-

  • Dividing the Joint Stock companies into several companies with reevaluating the book value or the market value ; getting the commercial register , the tax card and the investment newspaper for every new company resulted from the division.

4-Performing the selling and purchasing stocks procedures through the specialized companies.